Classes & Workshops

At the start of every park commission I lead workshops for the community. Gathering neighbors together is a great way to get folks from the area involved in the process of working on the mosaics they will have in their new park. A greater sense of pride and ownership in the park is developed. Young and old come together for a day and I have as much fun as they do watching them loosen up and get creative. I love it when I see one of the kids really getting involved with a parent or grandparent as they make a flower or heart together.

My other classes are with senior centers, schools and an organization that is very dear to my heart called Piece By Piece where mosaics are changing peoples lives. Located in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles they offer, arts learning, skills training and transitional employment empowering people to a healthier and stable life. I’ve seen the progress of several talented participants who have become very accomplished mosaic artists.

Community Projects

El Sereno
Benito Park
South Pasadena Library
Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts